Eid ul Fitr Prayer Update

Dear Respected Community Members,

On Tuesday May 11th, 2021  there is no reliable reports of the moon being sighted. We will complete the month of Ramadan with 30 days.Therefore, the Ulama Council of Michigan has declared Eid ul Fitr/1st of Shawwal 1442 to be on May 13th, 2021.

We wish all of EID MUBARAK!

Please note the timings of Eid Salah below:

Urdu Speech (By Qari Muhammad Ilyas Damatbarkatohom) : 7:30am 

Eid Salah : 8:00am

Please note that you must wear a mask and bring your own prayer mat.


Zakat ul Fitr  must be paid on behalf of each family member before the Eid Salah.

It can be payed online using link below: